Discover a 1:1 model of Rigshospitalet's new facade


It is now possible to see how the facade of Rigshospitalet – Copenhagens Main Hospital’s new north wing will look like as a full size model has been placed at the hospital's main entrance.

The model, a so called mockup illustrates how the different surfaces and materials interact and visually presents itself. At the same time the special designed model is made to ensure that the final exterior meets the expectations. The model makes it possible to adjust the colors or a material and thus avoid inconveniences, so the risk of errors on the final product is minimized.

The facade model will be located at the main entrance until the final building and the facade is finished.

Facts about the model
The model is approx. four meters wide, 1.4 meters deep and 7.5 meters high. Exposed surfaces on the facade consist roughly of glass, coated aluminum and facing bricks. The facade stone is a limestone called Jura Gelb with a polished finish.

Facts about The North Wing
The North Wing will be 68,000 m2 and features more than 200 beds, an operation section with 33 operating rooms, a radiology department and an intensive care unit and outpatient clinics.

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