Stockholm becomes more continental


Stockholm Continental, located opposite to Stockholm Central Station, will mark the entrance to Stockholm city center and is a brand new neighborhood in the city center. In the lower level, the public arcade will have access to the underlying subway, locally known as ‘Citybanan’. 

Stockholm Continental includes a hotel with 400 rooms and a lounge, restaurant and bars, apartments, shops and a rooftop bar where everyone can go and enjoy the view. On the basis of its location and the public accessibility Stockholm Continental will be the new meeting place in the city.

The hotel and the entrance to the station will be completed early 2016, while the railway station opens in 2017, when the new city line ‘Citybanan’ is completed.

On top of two of the four buildings 20 condos with stunning views of Riddarfjärden and Stockholm's rooftops are built.

Overall, it is an investment of over 1 billion SEK. The client is Jernhusen which is owned by the Swedish state and has 245 employees.

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