Rigshospitalet - The North Wing wins Best Future Hospital af WAF

A hospital with high architectural value
According to the festival website the judges describes Rigshospitalet - The North Wing as "a very logical design. It is not only functional, but takes a step further, and also has a high architectural value".

3XN's Principal and Creative Director Kim Herforth Nielsen presented the project to the jury and is happy about the recognition:

"With our design of the North Wing of Rigshospitalet, we have introduced a building shape, which creates a quiet atmosphere around the wards and the operation rooms, while having very efficient logistics. This will make it easy to navigate, and provide time savings for the staff. Further, we have focused on creating a building that relates to its location in central Copenhagen. The building is relatively low towards the street, thus it adapts itself to the neighboring residential buildings, and the green roofs makes the transition to the adjacent park very harmonious".

Record number of nominations for 3XN
3XN was nominated in five categories - the highest number of nominations given to a single firm. Besides Rigshospitalet - The North Wing the projects Stadshuis Nieuwegein, KPMG, NOMA Lab and Copenhagen Arena were nominated. Copenhagen Arena came second in its category and received special praise from the judges.

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