3XN is pre-qualified for the competition ‘New Psychiatry Ballerup’


3XN, Hassell LTD, Ramboll and SLA landscape is one among the six teams that will compete for the design of the New Psychiatry Ballerup, a public clinic for adults with eating disorders. 

The Regional Health Authority of Copenhagen wants to center the treatment of adults with eating disorders in a new building located at the current Psychiatric Health Centre in Ballerup outside Copenhagen. The goal is to create a facility that offers an optimized patient care, an attractive workplace and a stronger academic environment. The new building will include treatment facilities, canteen, auditorium, meeting facilities and outdoor areas for recreation, activities and parking.

The total project should naturally fit into the existing health center.

The project has an expected building area of approx. 6 000 m², with a total investment volume of approx. 16 million euros excl. VAT.