La Tour Tower in Public Hearing


3XN and developer Jens Richard Pedersen now officially present the plans for a new high-rise project in Aarhus, Denmark. The vision for La Tour Tower is to create a building of high quality that meets the need for affordable housing while at the same time enhancing the architectural profile of Aarhus by adding a prominent landmark to the north access road into the city.

"With the design of the La Tour Tower we are able to offer the residents accommodation near the city centre as well as offering them attractive physical surroundings in terms of functional and economically accessible homes with balcony and a spectacular view. The many apartments will bring life to the neighbourhood and the striking design of the building will strengthen the entire identity of the area", says Jens Richard Pedersen who also owns the present building on the site; Hotel La Tour.

The site on Randersvej 139 is located in an area, which the City of Aarhus has already pointed out as a possible area for high-rise housing. La Tour is shaped as a semicircle; lowest towards the historic water tower and Randersvej gradually rising up into a tower of 95 meters and 31 floors.

"The gradual elevation helps to convey the transition from the large flat volumes in the local area to the urban high rise typology. The building has a unique expression and will be a positive addition to the skyline of Aarhus. Simultaneously the shape takes particular care to respect the historical water tower. We have ensured that the water tower in no means disappears behind the new tower but instead retains its character as point of reference and remains a worthy partner in the skyline of the local area", says Kim Herforth Nielsen, Founder and Creative Director of 3XN.

The building will have more than 300 units of which most are three-bedroom apartments addressed to two people living together. In the upper part of the tower larger apartments are placed. All apartments are equipped with a balcony, which is integrated into the building. This design provides a three-dimensional expression to the facade where each unit stands out but also is a part of a whole. Since the site is located at the highest point of Aarhus, 80-90 meters above sea level, the residents will enjoy a spectacular view.