The Danish Government appoints Kim Herforth for new Education Committee


Minister of Education and Research, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, has appointed Kim Herforth to participate in the government's committee for the strengthening of Denmark’s higher artistic educations.

The committee supports the government's focus on improving the consistency between the acceptance in higher education and subsequent job situation for graduates.

"I will work to ensure that schools and creative businesses become more attached - to their mutual benefit. Companies can contribute by sharing their expertise as part of the curriculum, and the students will gain a better insight into job opportunities and thus achieve a better basis for targeting their education to the labor market", explains Kim Herforth Nielsen, who welcomes the Government’s new focus on strengthening the artistic educations.

The Committee shall evaluate the content of the educational programs, the relationship to related educational institutions and the size of the schools to ensure that Denmark continues to train skilled architects and designers at a rate where graduates can then find appropriate employment.

The committee will submit its recommendations to the Danish Government in March 2015.