Urban Green has already rooted – and in on air!


Shortly after the founding of the Urban Green®, the wild plants are already a reality in a number of exciting projects, including a large landscape project by SLA to the Novo Nordisk HQ in Bagsvaerd.

To celebrate the success, the company has launched a new website made by Denmark's talented graphic agency; e-types displaying a variety of completed and ongoing projects.

Urban Green® began as a development project with architects, biologists and gardeners who succeeded in developing wild Danish plant communities and authentic biological habitats. This means that plants previously considered weeds, now can be used to make the city greener, healthier and more beautiful.

The plants are thus used strategically in sustainable buildings to support the natural plant and animal life in Denmark and create the biodiversity that is needed in the specific regions being built.

Urban Green® offers hundreds of Danish plant species in seven different habitats that are beach, marsh, heath, grasslands, pastures, forests and fens. By using locally adapted plant species instead of foreign sedum promoted biodiversity and all the scents, colors and wildlife, as the choice of Danish wild species involved.

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