GXN and DAC donates the Material World Exhibition to The Aarhus School of Architecture


The library of the Aarhus School of Architecture is about to introduce a new facility:  MLAB. This is where the latest materials will continuously be presented and made accessible to everyone, including the city’s architectural practices.

The basement below the library has been emptied and transformed to make space for materials, research tests, prototypes and films about new materials. GXN and DAC who have developed and financed the exhibition Material World in 2012 have kindly made materials and exhibition designs available to MLAB.

The collection is supplemented by art, craft and experimental works from the School’s research staff and students. In the future the collection will continuously be updated with new materials etc. by GXN

‘Digital developments and new technology have changed architecture significantly and these developments place great demands on our knowledge of materials and not least on what we can use new materials for, how we have to use new materials, and how we want to use new materials. Knowledge about processes and new technology is also necessary for us to be able to challenge known as well as new materials. MLAB is a dynamic collection that allows us to experiment and test the potentials of new materials’, Karen Kjærgaard, Curator of the Mlab explains.

The library staff look forward to cooperating with MLAB: 

‘We are very pleased that we can soon present MLAB, and we look forward to experiencing the synergy between the library and the material lab. MLAB will provide an opportunity to examine, touch and search for new materials and their properties. We hope the collection will provide a source of inspiration for the School’s researchers, teachers and students, but also for the city’s architectural practices’, says Louise Kruse Fischmann, head of the library.