The Blue Planet wins Danish Steel Award


Together with collaborators MOE, Kai Andersen and Langkjær Stålbyg, 3XN has won the newly established award conferred by the Danish Steel Institute.

The team receives the award in recognition of both the collaboration and the quality of construction. Additionally Ulrik Støttrup-Andersen of Danish Steel Institute, stated in the reason for awarding the project, that The Blue Planet visually is very well executed and that the project ranges from the advanced to the simple, which is expressed by the relatively simple solutions used for the complex requirements, the architecture actually demands.

Danish Steel Award aims to reward good steel construction in Denmark. The Prize is awarded to the owner, architect, engineer and steel contractor of a unique project with significant Danish touch, to acknowledge their collaboration and the quality of their work.

Starting this year, Danish Steel Award will be awarded every two years.

This recognition is only the latest in a succession of Awards the Blue Planet has received this year, including RIBA European Award and European Aluminium Award 2014.

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