Swedbank – A Bank of the Future


The book, just released, describes the making of a new headquarters for Swedbank, one of the biggest banks in Sweden, and 3XN’s ideas behind the design.

What should a bank look like? Can architecture and interior design promote collaboration and knowledge sharing? These were just some of the questions 3XN had to address in the design of Swedbank.

3XN’s design for Swedbank’s new international headquarters is an innovative interpretation of the core values of the organization: openness, simplicity and care – all materialized in a modern office space. Author Thomas Dickson explores how 3XN’s emphasis on transparency, Scandinavian simplicity and a dynamic social environment creates an inviting democratic space while reducing energy consumption. The new headquarters has been awarded a Gold certification from Miljöbyggnad, the Swedish sustainability rating system, supporting Swedbank’s core values of social and environmental sustainability.

The book is published by the house Arvenius + Orpheus and includes an introduction by architect and architecture critic Rasmus Wærn, interviews with 3XN's founder and Creative Director, Kim Herforth Nielsen, CEO of Swedbank, Michael Wolf, Vice President of the developer Humlegarden, Thorsten Åsbjer and others.


Title: Bank of the Future – Openness, Simplicity, Care
Publishing House: Arvenius + Orfeus
Photographer: Adam Mørk
Publication date: 2014
ISBN: 978-91-87543-14-2 (eng)
ISBN: 978-91-87543-18-0 (swe)
Retail price: 53 EUR
Language: English/Swedish
No. of pages: 224

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