3XN shortlisted for a new Culture Cluster in Zaanstad, Holland


3XN is shortlisted for a competition to create a new cultural hub in the city of Zaanstad located a few kilometers north of Amsterdam.

Zaanstad municipality wishes to develop a new iconic multifunctional cultural hub in the city center with both public functions and cultural activities for the benefit of the city's 150,000 citizens who want to experience and take part in various cultural projects. 

The building, which will have a size of about 7,500 m2, will accommodate both amateurs and professionals, and will thus become the city's new heart.

The new cultural hub will among other things house a theater, rehearsal rooms, studios, music scene, meeting rooms and a restaurant and cafe.

The development of the new building is also part of a larger development plan to stimulate the local and regional economy by making Zaanstad an attractive place to live and relocate.