3XN named finalist in the first phase of the Amagerværket project competition


3XN, together with Schønherr, is one of three winners of the first phase of the competition for a design proposal for a unified architectural concept for the combined heat and power plant Amagerværket.

The assignment included the design of the overall concept of a new power plant unit to use sustainable biomass as fuel, named BIO4. The assignment also includes the location and design of administrative-, laboratory-, workshop-, and welfare facilities.

3XN's proposal expresses the need for people to be part of a sustainable dialogue with nature and emphasizes the the requirement of synergy between production efficiency and nature's raw power. The peninsula where the power plant is located is planted with trees that encircle the power plant. This woodland symbolizes the story of sustainable energy production - from trees to fuel to engery.

The jury specifically praised the proposal for 'The visual meeting between BIO4 and the new ARC (Amager Resource Center), that in a subtle way complement each other and is in an architectural dialogue. Similarly, one experiences that the planting strategy around BIO4 and the peninsula will create a strong visual framework and identity for Amagerværket as a whole. '

In addition, the jury also emphasized that: 'The design of the undulating roof helps create an expressive style that adds to the stringent production plant a soft character that is elegantly finished by the green roof.'

In the second phase of the competition, the three teams are invited to a negotiated tender. A final winner is expected to be announced in May.