3XN exhibits at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The exhibition is the first in a new series at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which will explore the relationship of architecture to culture and identity. The series deals with architecture as a field where collective memories and narratives are reflected materially and spatially. This exhibition attempts to reveal whether certain special ‘Nordic’ features recur in architecture, and whether this involves a fundamental formal idiom that is regularly reinterpreted.

Two of 3XN’s projects are part of the exhibition: Ørestad Gymnasium which is the first secondary school in Denmark built in extension of the school reform (2005) and its intention to strengthen and renew the students' academic skills. The innovative layout without traditional corridors and classrooms has attracted much attention from abroad and has been interpreted as a special Danish kind of learning environment. The second project is a Theater and Jazzhouse in Molde, Norway. Just now the town is preparing itself for the opening of the town's new attraction, the Theatre and Jazzhus which will be the town's new cultural hub, and also be home to the annual jazz festival, which draws tourists from around the world to the small Norwegian town.

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