Rigshospitalet’s new Patient Hotel inaugurated


Friday the new Patient Hotel for Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s leading hospital, was inaugurated. Through a clear architectural concept, 3XN has created an open and comfortable environment for patients.

The building appears as two Vs on top of each other, pointing in opposite directions. Thus, there will be a clear visual separation between the two main functions: patient hotel and hospital administration.

Inside the Vs are two atriums with skylights. They provide natural light deep into the building and will function as arrival areas and centers for the patient hotel. Open staircases in both atria connect the individual floors.

“We have designed a building with an open atrium that offers good visual contact instead of the closed corridors usually associated with hospitals. In addition, daylight and materials were important to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, which serves as a comforting environment during a difficult period”, says Kim Herforth Nielsen, Creative Director and Founder.

All hotel rooms, of approx. 20 m2, have a private balcony facing the parks and the surrounding buildings. The hotel restaurant will be facing the ‘Amor Park,’ giving guests a good opportunity to enjoy their meals with views of the green surroundings.

The Patient Hotel will house 74 rooms on the three lower floors. The administration's three floors are placed on top.

A part of The New Rigshospitalet

The facade appears as a horizontal relief clad with light natural stone, Jura Gelb. This adds a strong character to the building while also allowing the building to shade itself.

The Patient Hotel is part of the completely new construction the new Rigshospitalet, which includes a new treatment building ‘The North Wing’, also designed by 3XN, opening in 2018. Thus, the theme of the building's façade is closely associated with the facade of the new North Wing.

A strong connection to the adjacent public parks characterizes the Patient Hotel, as it does the upcoming new North Wing. This will benefit both patients and staff.

What is a patient potel?

A patient hotel is an attractive alternative for self-sufficient patients who live far away and who need accommodation in connection to examination and treatment. The patient hotel offers tranquility, the opportunity to organize the day as you wish and to have some privacy or use public areas. For patients undergoing long-term treatment, the hotel can be a welcoming break outside the clinical hospital environment.

The Rigshospitalet Patient Hotel has a reception desk, staffed by nurses, as well as hotel assistants and a nutrition assistant.



Design Architect: 3XN

Executive Architect: Aarhus Architects

Client: Rigshospitalet, Region H

Engineer: Grontmij

Landscape Architects: Kirstine Jensen



Construction Start: January 2014

Completed: August 2015

Official opening: August 21, 2015