Competition for the expansion of Copenhagen hospital is won

The winning proposal for the 76,000 m2 North Wing, patient hotel and administration ensures efficient and timesaving logistics, while daylight, green spaces and views of the neighboring park contribute to the wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors.

The building is characterized by a shape of a series of folded V's together with a transverse axis. This structure ensures short distances, thereby optimizing the operation. 5 exterior courtyards will serve both as comfortable living areas and points of orientation that makes way finding easy.

The integration of sustainable building solutions, together with green coatings both inside and outside has been a key focus. “The goal is that the integration of the green both inside and out will contribute to an environment that has a healing effect on patients and also creates a positive physical environment for staff and visitors. At the same time, this will minimize the negative environmental impacts, says 3XN's Partner and Creative Director,” Kim Herforth Nielsen.

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