3XN Designs First Project in North America


“Inspired by the scale and intimacy of a family home, we envision this new project as a vertical neighbourhood on the shore of Lake Ontario," said Kim Herforth Nielsen. "The design puts people first, paying particular attention to the quality of views, space and lifestyle. The development will command extraordinary views of the water, neighbouring parks, and the city skyline.”
Located along the water’s edge, on Queen’s Quay East in the city’s East Bayfront neighbourhood, its distinctive L-shaped design will define the new condominium. This shape ensures not only views out across the water for residents, but allows ample natural light to reach the public areas at ground level. Featuring a dynamic architectural form, the building steps down from its highest point at its north-western point where it meets the city edge, to an amenity space on the 7th floor, before rising back up towards its eastern façade.
“While the stepped L-shape form provides a sculptural quality to the building, the large garden terraces are the hallmark of the design,” Herforth Nielsen noted. The terraces will activate the façade, enlivening it with texture, colour, depth and variety, while imbuing it with a human scale.”
Selected as the building’s Design Architects, following a design competition, 3XN will be working with Toronto-based architecture firm, Kirkor Architects, who will serve as the project’s Architect of Record.