The EU Environmental Award given to Green Solution House


The Bornholm hotel and conference center is appointed the winner in the category "sustainable processes" in acknowledgment that Green Solution House is created with a high degree of sustainability in mind. 3XN has served as the design architect and GXN as sustainability advisor for the project, and has been a key strategic advisor in the development of green solutions.

Green Solution House excels in a number of areas, in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. The fan-shaped building is designed according to the principles of Cradle to Cradle, also called closed loop design, and therefore the materials used are either recyclable or biodegradable. The house includes a variety of green solutions via e.g. materials to clean the air of dust, a waste system that converts garbage and food waste into heat, electricity and fertilizer, as well as so-called intelligent hotel rooms where hotel guest has the opportunity to create its own indoor climate through a tablet.

Green Solution House has been realized through the cooperation of consultants who each contributes with their own expertise to realize innovative solutions. The advisers are: 3XN architects (concept and sketching), Steenbergs Architects (total consulting and design), SLA (landscape design), Ramboll (engineers), COWI (client advisor), GXN innovation (consultant in sustainability).

The Strategic Partners are key players in the co-creation approach behind the Green Solution House and in the implementation of green solutions. The strategic partners Realdania, VELUX Group, Autodesk Research, GXN Innovation and Saint-Gobain's Danish companies: Weber, Isover, Ecophon and Gyproc.

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Photocredit: Adam Mørk, from D/A #25 by VELUX.