The Blue Planet is a building of high complexity that is to be a welcoming and fascinating framework for the guests’ encounter with both animals and nature while it houses a well-adapted ecosystem suited for some of the world's most sensitive animal species.

The Blue Planet is inspired by whirlpool and with its location next to Øresund it brings land and sea together and pulls both nature and visitors down into the depths. The Blue Planet is equipped with the latest advanced AV technology to create a complete experience which pulls the visitors into an atmospheric underwater universe that can fascinate and seduce both adults and children alike. The swirl shape creates different sections and is a practical answer to the desire to expand the aquarium as you can expand in the swirl shaped arms.

The Blue Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium with room for over 20,000 fish and marine animals. The circular foyer is the starting point for the tour around the aquarium. From here you can select which river, lake or ocean to explore. You can get close to the animals both below and above water in the humid and hot rainforest. In addition, you can visit the Faroese bird cliff and meet colorful puffins and Nordic icy sharks. In the ocean tank you can see a bunch of hammerhead sharks and elegant rays.