Project Blade Runner – Set the forms free!

The construction industry is not geared to meet the growing demand for the advanced free forms, which can give a building a unique twist. Therefore, it often becomes expensive and difficult to realize the visions of the architect’s drawings. 

However, the research project ‘Bladerunner’ will create a new technology that can produce all forms without limitation – at the same production speed as that of conventional forms. This means that in the near future Danish and foreign architects can realize their most creative forms within an affordable framework.

GXN's role in the project will be to ensure that the new technology is adapted to the requirements and process of the architectural and construction industry. "3XN and GXN are the architects of a number of buildings that break with traditional building forms. Thus, we are daily challenged to realize our architectural visions. With the Blade Runner project the development will take a leap of dimensions. This project can help bring the Danish building industry to the top of the global competition ", says Director of GXN, Kasper Guldager Jorgensen.

Behind the Blade Runner project is a consortium, which in addition GXN, consists of Odico, Danish Technological Institute, Confac, Danish Technical University - Mathematics and Danish Technical University - Informatics. The project is supported by the Danish Foundation of Advanced Technologies and will be completed in three years.