Adolph Tidemands Bridge is opened


In December 2011, 3XN completed Mandal’s new cultural Center, The Arch, and now also the bridge over the Mandal river, which was part of the same architecture competition, is completed. In line with the cultural center, 3XN has designed the bridge with rounded organic forms, which gives it a sculptural expression. The bridge has several observation decks, from where the view of Norway's southernmost city can be enjoyed.

The starting point of the bridge was a need for a direct link between the city center and the new district on the opposite side of the river. Thus, the completed bridge constitutes a link that provides new opportunities for the city center and for the future development of the entire city.

The white bridge is constructed from steel, is 160 meters long and has a total width of 5 meters. The height of 3.5 meters allows for the smaller boats to pass under it, even with closed flap. With the flap open ships up to 12 meters can pass under it.

The bridge is named after a famous Norwegian painter, who was born in Mandal in 1814.

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