Frederiksberg Courthouse wins a RIBA International Award 2013


Ever since 1966 the Royal Institute of British Architects has given annual awards for new architecture of particularly high quality. This year, nine awards have gone to projects outside the UK, including Frederiksberg Courthouse.

Quote from the RIBA jury:

"The considerable bulk of the building is mitigated by a generously proportioned sloping roof which runs down to the lesser form of the neighbouring 1921 classical Court House, to which it is linked by a high-level glazed bridge. Its relevance and sensitivity to context is celebrated through the use of beautifully crafted in-situ and pre-fabricated panels of brickwork, and its fenestration enlivened by the use of external, folding, perforated aluminium shutters.

Internally, the plan, cross-section and circulation are resolved with supreme clarity and simplicity, with a full-height, generously day-lit (and sun-lit) space extending through the length of the building providing an attractive feature for all users, while affording the necessary separation for security and the needs of the Courts service. The court-rooms are models of simplicity and reticence."

See the project here