Wild plants put down roots in sustainable buildings


On October 10th 2013 GXN’s first subsidiary company Urban Green® will be founded. Urban Green® aims to bring wild nature back into the city and create green roofs and facades, wet beds and road constructions

Urban Green® is the result of over three years of multidisciplinary research and development. The company will produce and deliver native plant communities and authentic habitats for green buildings. This means that plants previously considered weeds, now can be used to make the city greener, healthier and more beautiful. Wild plants can be used strategically in future sustainable buildings to support the natural plant and animal life in Scandinavia and create the biodiversity that is needed in specific regions.

Urban Green® offers more than 100 different wild Danish plant species in seven different habitats. By using locally adapted plant species instead of foreign Sedum, biodiversity is enhanced along with all the scents, colors and wildlife that go together with Danish wild species.

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