GXN specialist on Danish Television


When the Danish TV channel DR K launches the new program series, Seductive Rooms, on Thursday October 17th, GXN 's specialist in architectural psychology, Mille Sylvest, will talk about how buildings and spaces affect the behavior of the people who use them.

During the show's eight episodes Mille Sylvest will discuss whether prominent newly built and/or refurbished buildings, such as the born-again Hotel D' Angleterre, the luxury market Torvehallerne and the 3XN designed Saxo Bank headquarters in Hellerup, have managed to integrate the needs and behavior of the users into their architecture and decor.

New research suggests that there is a need for much more emphasis on the interaction between people and buildings in general. Only very few companies work in a structured way to gain knowledge about the impact that buildings have on those who use them. Therefore, it is unique that 3XN’s division for green innovation GXN has teamed up with specialist in architectural psychology, Mille Sylvest, to acquire systematic knowledge about the impact that buildings have on the various activities that take place in them - and to apply this knowledge to tailor buildings and spaces for the people who use them:

"In Middelfart Savings Bank, I have looked at how we can design office spaces, which allow for knowledge sharing and social interactions, and at the same time give employees the possibility to have peace and privacy. When it comes to open office concepts, it is especially important to create environments that are varied enough to accommodate different personalities, moods and task-types", says Mille Sylvest.

Mille Sylvest has just returned from the World Architecture Festival in Singapore, where she gave a lecture entitled "The Value of Delight" on how architectural firms can create value for themselves and for the users of their buildings by integrating research into the creation of new architecture.
Here she was met with great interest both from news media such as Channel News Asia as well as Asian developers.

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