Book on the way about Denmark’s new architectural landmark


On November 8, 3XN’s latest book will be released. ”The Blue Planet, National Aquarium Denmark” tells the story about Northern Europe’s biggest aquarium – an out of the ordinary visitor magnet

Through its 120 pages, the new book tells the story about the making of the Blue Planet and the many experiences that await visitors in one of Denmark’s most sculptural and innovative buildings. The book gives an insight into how the Blue Planet has become a modern world-class aquarium as well a unque and elegant visitor magnet.

The text is written by philosopher and architecture critic, Christian Bundgaard, and architectural photographer Adam Mørk’s beautiful photos tell the visual story of Denmark's new aquarium. Kim Herforth Nielsen, partner and creative director of the architecture firm behind the building’s design, 3XN, begins the book by sharing how the idea for The Blue Planet’s sculptural form came about.

The new aquarium is expected to become one of Denmark's five most visited attractions and has already now welcomed 830,000 visitors. Before the end of the year the Blue Planet expects to have reached 1,000,000 visitors.

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