Two 3XN projects exhibited in the National Museum of Norway in Oslo

An increasing number of international architects are winning competitions or getting commissions in Norway. 3XN is among these architects. The exhibition ‘Importing Architecture’ presents a selection of international architects and their projects in Norway and elsewhere. It explores how these firms have approached architectural competitions, planning and construction in Norwegian settings.
Even though Buen and Plassen were both completed in 2012 the two projects have quite different architectural expressions. This diversity is an example of how 3XN’s design develops as a response to the requirement in the program, the site conditions, and the culture of the people who are to use the building. Hence, each 3XN project is closely connected to its physical and social context. Plassen and Buen are exhibited with models, photos, film and material samples explaining how 3XN developed the design of the two Norwegian cultural centers

The exhibition is open until April 7th. More information can be found on the museum’s website.

Go to Project 'Plassen' in Molde
Go to Project 'Buen' in Mandal