GXN shortlisted for C2C masterplan in Sweden


The munipality of Ronneby is developing a neighbourhood with a positive footprint.  

Along with the co-creator of Cradle to Cradle - William McDonough and landscape architects SLA, GXN will develop a proposal for how a new area of Kilen in Ronneby can become Sweden’s first cradle to cradle inspired neighborhood.

In this pilot project the municipality will collaborate with private developers to convert a central industrial site into an innovative green neighborhood that leaves a positive footprint instead of just a less bad one, while strengthening municipal and regional competitiveness. The project is one of the steps in the municipality’s C2C-efforts.

Based on an eco-effective vision the team will formulate goals for the area and summarize these intensions in a master plan. A big component of the project is a workshop in March where the project team work alongside the client to formulate the vision and ideas for the project.